Where To Hunt Wildlife In Fortnite?

Wildlife was an interestingly new mechanic that was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6. Loopers could hunt these animals and use their parts as crafting material, or to heal themselves.

That majority of the crafting bit was lost the moment the aliens decided to invade the Island in Season 8, but the wildlife remained.

And after everything that's happened with the inception of Chapter 3 Season 1, more animals were seen on the island.

Where to Hunt Wildlife in Fortnite?

There is not any specific location where you can hunt wildlife. Instead, it is spread out all over the map.

However, since they are animals, they tend to stick to areas one might expect to find them. Boars tend to like grassy areas, wolves like forested regions, raptors like the areas in-between. Players can discover chickens near semi-populated areas, while frogs are found along rivers and in marshes. As for birds? They can show up just about anywhere.

Nevertheless, players looking for a guaranteed shot at hunting wildlife in Fortnite should pay a visit to the now unnamed Stealthy Stronghold POI. This enclosed area houses every type of wildlife in the game, though in limited numbers.

To players new to the game, Stealthy Stronghold is one of the northernmost locations in the game. It is an enclosure of sorts with a slight tropical rainforest, like its own little ecosystem.

Map containing all Fortnite wildlife locations in Season 7.
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Image via Fortnite.gg

Having said that, once players have managed to spot a wild animal across the terrain, they can choose a weapon of your liking and attack the animal with it. Of course, they will need to keep shooting and hitting the animal until its entire health bar is depleted.

It is important to know that some animals are aggressive and will attack Loopers who get too close. Wolves, and Boars have varying degrees of aggressiveness, while chickens, frogs, and birds are non-aggressive.

However, if you do come up against a Klombo, don't attack it.

Another important note is that some crows now drop epic level and legendary level loot. For example, purple and gold crows will drop an item of that rarity when successfully hunted.

Have fun hunting!

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