Fortnite: Where To Place A Camera Near A Beachside Mansion - Mandalorian Week One Challenges

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The brand new season of Fortnite has now released all over the world for players! 

Get your blasters ready and hop into the Razorcrest as the Mandalorian is now in Fortnite. 


Baby Yoda is also here, as the pair are two of the best skins in a rather lackluster battle pass. 

Over the course of the season, you will be able to unlock new styles for each battle pass skin.

These will require you to complete some challenges, and it appears the Mandalorian already has some challenges out.

Completing these will unlock new armor variants for your skin!


Here's where to place a camera near a beachside mansion. 



The challenge itself will require you to interact and place a camera near a mansion along the coast line. 


This is one of the easier challenges we have access to and will unlock a neat addition to the skin.

MONCLIZZY on YouTube has posted a great video showcasing where to go to complete this challenge.

Check it out below! 


We can assume the challenges are only going to get tricker as the week's progress, but so far they are relatively easy! 

Be sure to check back often for more Mandalorian challenges!