Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Alien Artifact Locations

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It's week 7 in Fortnite Season 7. And just like every new week in the game, we have for ourselves a new set of alien artifacts.

Acquiring these alien artifacts will help you unlock all the Kymera styles. Although you will need the battle pass to unlock Kymera in the first place, you can still acquire these artifacts.


That being said, here are a few details about the Fortnite week 7 alien artifact locations.

Release date and time

These alien artifacts are scheduled to go live at 3PM BST every Thursday, along with the Fortnite week 5 epic challenges.

The legendary challenges go live at the same time but on a Wednesday, one day before the epic challenges go live.

Where are the alien artifacts in Fortnite week 7?


For this week, we have five locations again just like the previous week. They're as follows.

#1 Stealthy Stronghold

If you've explored the walls of Stealthy Stronghold, you'll know that there are a couple of watch towers here. The tower you're looking for is towards the south of the POI.

This tower will be towards the left of the south side gate. Head inside the tower to collect your first artifact.

#2 Dinky Dish

I'm sure you've visited Dinky Dish in Fortnite already. You need to make your way to the lowermost level of the building at Dinky Dish.

If you're still wondering where Dinky Dish is, it's located towards the west of Steamy Stacks.


#3 Gorgeous Gorge

This one's slightly tricky. Remember the nice little boat house that's suspended in between two cliffs? Yeah that's exactly where you find this alien artifact.

You'll see it hanging in the air between the two boats that are hanging from the ceiling.

#4 Dampy Dish

It looks like Epic Games is slightly obsessed with dishes this week. You'll be able to find the fourth alien artifact inside the bathroom at Dampy Dish.

If you're wondering where Dampy Dish is, it's located towards the south-west of Slurpy Swamps.

#5 Camp Cod

Finally, Camp Cod gets the attention it deserves. No one goes to this place anymore, not since Jules left.


The alien artifact now stands where Jules once stood. If you have trouble finding Camp Cod, it's the small piece of land between Misty Meadows and Catty Corner.

If you're still having trouble locating these artifacts, refer to the video above! Happy hunting!

That's it for this week. See you again in seven days.

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