Where To Find Farms In Fortnite

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The Fortnite map is really interesting, thanks to the vast amount of terrain that we get to see. From mountains to plateaus, the map has it all.

That being said, the Fortnite week 6 challenges are here, and they're slightly weird. They're very easy to complete but then again, some of them depend a lot on luck.


For this one particular Fortnite week 6 challenge, you will have to deal damage to opponents on a farm. But where do you find farms in Fortnite?

Fortnite farm locations

If you've been playing Fortnite for a while, you will know exactly where to find farms on the map. If, however, you've just started playing the game, you may have some difficulty figuring it out.


Either way, you'll find farms at Corny Complex and in the areas surrounding the POI. The best part is that the farms in Fortnite are clumped together at one location so you don't really have to do a lot of hunting.

Here's a map to help you find farms in Fortnite. The three highlighted areas are the locations for the farms in Fortnite.

Image via Fortnite.gg
Image via Fortnite.gg

When it comes to damaging opponents, I'm not sure if this will be restricted to loopers only. It will be hard for you to draw loopers into the farms in order to deal damage.

However, you'll still be able to find a couple of I.O. Guards lurking around close to Corny Complex. You could see if damaging them counts to the mission.

In case it doesn't count towards the mission, land there right after jumping out from the battle bus and pray that you get a weapon the moment you touch down. Corny Complex tends to be a hot drop, so you don't really want to get caught off guard right after landing.

Happy farming!


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