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Where To Find Alien Nanites in Fortnite

The much talked about alien nanites are finally in Fortnite. These little objects can help you craft alien tech weapons from the weapons that you normally find in the game.

These alien nanites went live yesterday after the Fortnite 17.10 hotfix. A few other things went live too but the alien nanites were the highlights of it.

Given that these alien nanites were a brand new addition to the game, it made sense to have a Fortnite week 5 challenge associated with them.

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Where to find these alien nanites in Fortnite?

If you're wondering where to find these alien nanites, let me tell you that they're not very difficult to acquire. According to the blogpost by Epic Games, these occur as normal floor loot.


Apart from that, you'll find these alien nanites on top of the abductors. You'll also find them inside the Moothership as well.

That being said, although the alien nanites are easy to find, they're still quite rare. Till now, I've managed to get my hands on only one of them, and that too at Holly Hedges.

I haven't managed to climb on top of one of the abductors just yet so, I'm not really sure about their spawn rates on top of those. But I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find a good number of these alien nanites on top of the abductors.

When it comes to using them, you can use them as crafting materials, like I mentioned before. Here's the crafting recipes using alien nanites.

That being said, you can use these alien nanites like a grenade as well. Once thrown on the ground, you'll see a low gravity biome forming around you. Much like the one you'll be seeing at Holly Hedges right now.


It lets you jump higher and you can also float in the air with it. That makes it harder for enemy loopers to hit you. However, it makes it hard for the you to hit the enemies as well.

Once you've thrown the alien nanites on the ground, you'll end up completing a Fortnite week 5 challenge.

You could also toss three of these alien nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery, and you could end up completing a Fortnite week 6 challenge as well.

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