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Where To Find Alien Parasites In Fortnite

Epic Games really went all out with Fortnite Season 7. From new weapons to a new biome, they did it all.

They've also managed to add alien parasites to the games. These alien parasites work as performance boosters. But they come at a price.

Although, they're fairly rare in the game, there's a Fortnite week 5 challenge associated with them.

The challenge in question requires you to get infected by an alien parasite and then go talk to Sunny. It's a two part problem. So we'll deal with it step by step.

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Fortnite alien parasite locations

The first part of this Fortnite week 5 challenge is getting infected by these alien parasites. But where can you find these parasites in the game?

For now, the Hydro 16 Dam is the go to Fortnite alien parasite location. You can find them lying on the floor or attached to nearby animals.


Please remember that these parasites make animals more aggressive, so you'll have to kill the animals rather than tame them. Also, if you want to pick up the alien parasite, don't shoot at it. Shoot at the animal directly.

Once you come across a live alien parasite, you'll end up being infected. The alien parasite will sit on your head and take 40 HP from you. But in turn, you'll get a movement boost. This however, doesn't affect your shields.

And with that you'll have completed the first half of this Fortnite week 5 challenge. Which brings us to..


Where to find Sunny in Fortnite?

Finding Sunny is rather easy. She's the NPC at Believer Beach. All you need to do is make your way to her and talk to her. You do that, and you'll have successfully completed this Fortnite week 5 challenge.

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Image via Fortnite.gg

But the tough part is getting to Sunny. Believer Beach is towards the North of the island, while Hydro 16 is towards the South. You'll have to travel for a bit before you can get to her.

You'll also need to watch out for enemy loopers while making this journey.

Overall, this is a fairly easy challenge. Have fun!