You Can Make Your Own Fortnite Skins On This Website

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Although building happens to be the most unique attribute in Fortnite, skins also happen to be another unique attribute of the game.

That being said, it'd be really fun if we could create our own skins in the game. Yes, Epic Games does turn to the community for skin concepts sometimes, it's not possible for everyone to get selected.


However, there's a website that helps you create your own Fortnite skins. You cannot use these skins in the game, but it's still fun nevertheless.

Everything we know about the Fortnite skin creating website

First of all, when I came across, I was very skeptical. Given the amount of Fortnite scams that we see, this seemed like another elaborate scam to me.

I still went ahead to explore the site nevertheless. And turns out, it's quite fun. You have multiple options to choose from when designing your own skin. You have several head piece, body and leg options.


It's all an elaborate mix and match. The only drawback of this site is the fact that choices are limited. You can only use parts from skins that are already in the game.

Despite that, the number of possibilities you can come up with is immense. Once again, this tool is just for fun. You cannot use these skins in Fortnite.

Make Fortnite Skins also has a small disclaimer up on their website that says that the site isn't affiliated to Epic Games.

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Now we come to the question, will we ever see such a tool in Fortnite?

That is something which is debatable. It's hard to say a no to such a question, especially when Epic Games is involved.

But on the flip side, implementing such a Fortnite skin customization tool within the game itself is slightly difficult.

Given the current scenario surrounding the game, Epic Games is tweaking Fortnite heavily. They've already brought in Fortnite skins that can be edited with wraps, so it's safe to assume that elaborate customization options aren't that far. And in some cases, these wraps are reactive too.

That being said, I feel it's safe to assume that we'll have more customization options in Fortnite as the days progress.

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