Why Is The Fortnite 15.10 PS4 And PS5 Update Missing?!

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The PS4 version for today's Fortnite update is missing!

For some reason, Epic Games have distributed update v15.10 to all available platforms apart from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android have received the updates, but nothing has been sent to Sony's flagship consoles.

What's going on? Where is the update for PlayStation?

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Where Is The Fortnite 15.10 PS4 And PS5 Update?

There's no explanation for why the Fortnite update is missing or when it will finally be distributed to the console.

Players are going mad on social media asking the question everyone wants to know: where is the PS4/PS5 update?

There's no logical explanation other than that Epic are struggling with the online services or store for PSN.


If you check the PSN status, everything is fine - which we doubt is causing the issue.

15.10 Update Sizes

  • PS4 - TBC
  • Xbox One - 2.2GB
  • PC - 1.5GB
  • Switch - 1.5GB
  • Android - 1.5GB

Fortnite Update 15.10 Patch Notes

By now, most of you are well aware that Epic does not post full patch notes anymore.

Instead, the night of the update they send out a small but insightful set of patch notes to those apart of their Support A Creator program.


Thanks to JayKeyFN we can take a look at the full patch notes! 

Operation Snowdown

Winter is coming this week. Join Snowmando for new Quests, chilling Items added to the Island, and new fan-favorite LTMs you won't wanna miss. Complete all the Operation: Snowdown Quests and earn a ton of free snowy cosmetics, including two exclusive Outfits.

New Items

Mancake misplaced his stash of weapons throughout the island. The new Cowboy Repeater Rifle combines a rapid shooting style with dead-eye accuracy. Syr-up!

Save up those Bars because the fire-loving Blaze has also been equipped with an Exotic-class weapon for sale, the fiery Dragon's Breath Sniper. To combat the heat, a new Character has arrived and will be packing their own chill armaments. 


Be sure to let us know what you think of the latest patch!