Fortnite: v10.20 Content Update, Zapper Trap And Patch Notes

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Fortnite v10.20 content update is here, with the recent introduction to Fortnite's Season 10, a brand new update has arrived with plenty of changes. After the Fortnite World Cup, many are engaging with this new season and have been very vocal about their thoughts on it. Along with the ongoing Fortnite Champion Series, which is slowly approaching its conclusion, many Fortnite fans believe there are one to two changes that would make the game perfect right now. 

The full Fortnite V10.20 Content Update notes can be found down below or here.


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Zap Trap

"This electrifying item is not only shocking in its execution but also in its innovation — it creates a trap that attaches to both sides of a surface!"

It has been quite some time since Fortnite has implemented a new trap into the weapon pool. The last new trap that was introduced was the poison dart trap, during Season 8, which was quickly removed. Now, it seems we finally have a new trap to hopefully use against our opponents during matches. 


The Zapper Trap is essentially what its name entails, the trap is an electric trap that can seemingly shock your opponents out of the match. The full notes for it are listed down below!

  • Upon impacting terrain, it automatically builds a wall and then deploys a damaging trap on both sides of the wall.
  • The traps shock enemy players who are within a tile of their face.Damage: 50
  • The traps have a 1-second deploy time before they can be triggered. 
  • When triggered, the traps have a 0.5-second delay before firing. 
  • After the traps have fired, they have a cooldown of 2 seconds before they can be triggered again. 

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Kevin's Floating Island

If anyone has played during the earlier Fortnite seasons, fans may remember the giant purple cube called Kevin. The cube created a floating island on top of Loot Lake which was the focal point of earlier seasons.

Now, it appears due to the rift beacon Kevin's Floating Island has returned by this time in a different location. It appears to have formed on top of Fatal Field and will be making its way across the map!

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91