Shang-Chi Has Been Added in Fortnite With Update 17.50

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Credit: Image via Marvel Studios

Initial rumors suggested that a Shang-Chi skin will be introduced in Fortnite with the release of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, with update 17.50 scheduled to release on 31st August, this is the last update before the movie's release on 2nd September.

Having said that, notable Fortnite data miner, Shiina recently revealed that update 17.50 for Fortnite will include the Shang-Chi skin in the game files.


Let's dive in and take a look at when the Shang-Chi skin will be available for players to unlock in Fortnite.

Shang-Chi in Fortnite

Given that the MCU movie does not release until 2nd September and Epic Games also plans on releasing the skin on the same day, it is safe to say that the Shang-Chi skin's files will most definitely be encrypted when the update 17.50 releases.


This further confirms that the upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and the MCU could feature in-game quests to celebrate the skin's release. Additionally, there is also a chance of hosting a "Shang-Chi Cup" similar to what happened with the Wonder Woman skin earlier this month.

Nevertheless, until and unless Epic Games makes an official announcement the release of Shang-Chi's skin in Fortnite, all of this remains mere conjecture. Needless to say, countless fans are eagerly waiting for the MCU's newest superhero to make an appearance in Fortnite and Epic Games would definitely want to provide the community with the same.

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