Fortnite: Travis Scott Event Has Been Leaked And Teased

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It looks like the Travis Scott skin that was leaked a while back in Fortnite might actually be making an appearance, an in-game teaser seems to confirm some kind of Travis Scott event or performance coming, as well as new leaks.

February, saw data miners bless fans with a cosmetic Travis Scott set, but is still yet to be added into the game.

The popular rapper and producer is known to dabble in the battle royale game, even jumping into matches with Drake and Ninja back in 2018, and now he may finally be getting his own event, as well as the skin.


Leakers revealed that a new 'Jerky' event was in the game files, April 16th, and interestingly, the playlist used for the Marshmello event was also named 'Jerky' in the files, so you can see where this is going.

Teasers have been spotted in-game which pretty much confirms a Travis Scott performance on the horizon. The main tease is the ending to his song 'Highest in the Room' which can be heard playing quietly in certain areas of the map


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