Fortnite Chapter 2: Storm Circles Are Getting Faster and Smaller

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is coming, but according to longtime Fortnite data-miner HYPEX, changes are afoot already.

According to the leaker's Twitter account, Epic Games has made changes to the initial Storm Circle of a match, making it more important than ever to stay moving in the early stages.


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Fortnite: Faster Storm Circles

The first Storm Circle in matches has been modified, they are probably trying to make match less boring by making the storms smaller/faster:Starting Radius: from 24 to 23Shrink Time: from 240 seconds to 210Wait Time: from 200 seconds to 170
August 5, 2020

That means that you'll want to loot more quickly and perhaps take a more direct route to the storm's epicentre, rather than looting as you go.


This should make the initial minutes of a match more competitive, but should also facilitate the use of the game's latest addition, cars, to get around more quickly.

It's worth noting that from the sounds of things, this change only applies to the initial storm circle, so after that it'll be business as usual.

Try not to get caught out in the storm!