Fortnite Soccer Character Locations

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Neymar Jr. is now available to Fortnite Battle Pass holders as of the 16.30 update, but players will have to earn him by completing five challenges from one of three different soccer players scattered around Apollo Island.

While these quests are not hard to complete, Fornite fans eager to earn the soccer star are swarming these locations, making them dangerous places to navigate in and out of.


Fortnite Soccer Character Locations

Fortnite soccer player locations
PLAYERS: Three players, each with 2 challenges each

Three soccer fields have appeared on the map:

  1. The east side of Holly Hedges contains a small field with one soccer goal and a soccer player NPC
  1. The east side of Pleasant Park has a larger field with two soccer goals and a soccer player NPC
  2. The eastern side of Dirty Docks, next to the shipping container yard has a small field with one soccer goal and a soccer player NPC

Talking to any of these NPCs will give players the opportunity to complete one of two challenges from the following list of possibilities:

  • Walk 300 meters on foot
  • Hit three targets with the Soccer Toy emote
  • Score a goal with the soccer toy emote

Players can earn the Soccer Toy emote just by talking to one of the soccer players, allowing them to accept and perform soccer-themed challenges during their next match.

Out of all three of these locations, Pleasant Park is usually the most crowded and dangerous, with Dirty Docks being the safest bet for players to talk to the NPC and complete their challenge.


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Other Rewards and Challenges

Fortnite Neymar Jr
NEYMAR: Players with the Battle Pass can complete 5 soccer player quests to earn Neymar Jr

As stated before, just talking to one of the soccer players NPCs will earn Fortnite players the Soccer Toy emote.


Other challenges and rewards from the Neymar Jr series include: