Fortnite Skin Survey Concepts Include Toon Bushranger, Queen of Hearts, Koala Team Leader

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Recently a survey went out to select Fortnite players that included several skin concepts being considered for use in the game.

Each survey participant was shown different skins than others, though the full pool of concept skins has been compiled and released.

It is interesting to see what concepts were included in the survey and the possibilities for new in-game Fortnite cosmetics in the future.

Fortnite Skin Concepts

Fortnite skin concepts
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CONCEPTS: There are some familiar faces in here

Several familiar faces are included in the skin concepts sent out via the survey, including Drift, Peely, Bushranger, Guff, Oro, and more.

Other faces are new, including a skin that looks like the Queen of Hearts, two skins eerily similar to Jynx from League of Legends, and a muscular, commando-style llama.

There are even a few skins in the bunch that look like they could be anime-style skins in line with Lexa and the Cyber Infiltration Pack.

While there is no guarantee any of these skins will show up inside Fortnite, there are a few, like Toon Bushranger, that feel like there is a good chance that players will see them sooner rather than later.

For certain, the cosmetic machine that is Fortnite is not slowing down, with more skins releasing on a steady basis than ever before.

It is great for fans who love the variety it adds to their gaming experience but not so great for their wallets, with skins costing $10+.

Fortnite Snakes & Stones Challenge Pack
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LYRA: An upcoming challenge pack based on a fan concept

While prices for cosmetic items are high, it does not stop Fortnite fans from gobbling them up as fast as they are released, purchasing the Battle Pass for exclusive skins, and paying straight currency for challenge packs with other exclusive skins.

Fans who remain free-to-play take every chance they can get to earn the few skins Fortnite offers for free on occasion, though these are few and far between.