Fortnite's Set Structures on Fire Challenge Gets Burned

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Fortnite set structures on fire is one of the Chapter 2, Season 6 challenges, and while it should be simple in nature, many players are having issues getting Fortnite to recognize the completed challenge.

Completing the challenge rewards you with a substantial amount of XP, so the Fortnite set structures on fire not working issue is more than just an annoyance.

However, it’s not a widespread issue.


Fortnite news watcher @FN_Assist first noted the issue a few hours after the challenges released, though several people responded saying it worked just fine for them.

The official Fortnite Status account has not recognized the issue yet and was, instead, working on other bugs that cropped up with the Recycler and Primal Shotgun.

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Fortnite's Set Structures on Fire Challenge Gets Burned

Here’s how Fortnite’s set structures on fire challenge should work.

You’re tasked with lighting 10 structures on fire.

You can do that in four ways:

  • Ignite a propane tank
  • Use an exploding gas can
  • Use fireflies
  • Combine fireflies or an exploding gas can with a Primal Bow to make it a Flaming Bow

For now, unless you just like lighting things on fire, it’s best to wait until Epic resolves the problem.

Otherwise, your set structures on fire count won’t increase or, if it does, it’ll be random and likely won’t award you the XP bonus.

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