Fortnite Faces A Major Outage

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Fortnite seems to be affected by an internet issue that has affected a wide range of online services. The game is one of the most popular battle royales out there with a huge follower base.

Loopers from around the globe are complaining about this issue on Twitter already.


Everything we know about the Fortnite server outage

According to the tweet, a major global outage has forced the Fortnite servers to go offline. This issue seems to have affected Playstation players for the most part.


Some PC players have also reported not being able to log in to the game. This could indicate that the game is down across all platforms.

One particular user on Twitter pointed out that Sony could be conducting a maintenance on their servers hence the outage. However, the exact reason for this outage isn't known yet.

That being said, users on the internet are worried that this could also be a massive hack, but that does sound slightly unlikely.

This outage shouldn't affect anyone's accounts in any possible way. We'll let you know once the servers are back online!

*UPDATE* Fortnite server issue finally resolved


According to the Fortnite Status Twitter page, the issue seems to be resolved at this point of time. The Fortnite servers aren't down anymore. That being said, you can hop back into the game and go about your routine looper activities.

Have fun

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