Fortnite Season 8 Teaser Hints at Possible Unreleased Feature

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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite is a very mechanic rich game. There are a lot of in game mechanics that makes Fortnite truly stand out from the rest of the games in the genre.

Although Fortnite is still lacking in the mechanic department with respect to a few aspects, they're definitely catching up with the trends.


We could be landing in Fortnite with guns very soon

In a recent teaser, we see a few loopers gliding through the air with a weapon in hand. For those of us who have been playing the game for a while now, it's no surprise that we're quite defenseless while gliding through the air.

Which makes us quite vulnerable to enemy loopers who have already landed on the ground. But that looks to change.

Fortnite is known for teasing upcoming content via the images that they release. In a recent tweet by Fortnite Competitive, a looper was seen gliding in the air with a shotgun in hand.


And if what this image says turns out to be true, we may not be so defenseless while gliding down. If this feature does turn out to be true, it would completely transform the way people actually play Fortnite.

Gliding through the air in order to rotate is something which is very effective but dangerous at this point of time. Given that there are a lot of turrets on the ground, being shot out of the sky is a legitimate fear that most loopers have.


At this point of time, holding on to a weapon or two would really change the way loopers would look at gliding to begin with.

And this isn't the only mechanic that we might be seeing. Leaks reveal that we will be seeing a sliding mechanic in the game soon.

Either way, we're not sure when these changes will go live. But these are a few welcome changes that most of the community will be looking forward to.

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