Fortnite Season 7's Anime Collabs Would Be The Most Profitable, Here's Why

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There's a recent leak that suggests Fortnite will finally add Anime. Some do not fully understand the impact, but others recognize its significance clearly. Epic Games has made one of its most profitable decisions in a long time.

With the success of the Lexa skin, it is clear that there is a market for anime-style skins with Fortnite players. Fortnite and Anime have the same audience, so it makes sense. Any anime skins released by Fortnite are likely to be highly sought after and profitable.


Fortnite Anime Skins Will Likely Be The Most Popular Of All Time

Fortnite does not do well when the skins it releases are exclusive to an older audience, such as Ghost Busters. Although adults play Fortnite as well, they're not the target audience or even the core. When Epic Games remembers that they are targeting a younger audience, they do well.

In addition to targeting a younger audience, Anime also performs well. Due to their immense popularity, we have yet to see either Dragon Ball Z or Naruto fade away. If Epic Games were innovative, they would aim to collab with these franchises.


Like Superheroes or TV shows, Anime doesn't have a time limit where it gets huge and then fades away. Anime is made all year round and continues to grow over time. Fortnite wants every season to be relevant, so what better way to do that?

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To be honest, I'd rather these anime leaks are accurate. If this is true, season seven of Fortnite Chapter 2 will become the best season yet.