Fortnite Season 7 XP Glitch Allows You To Level Up Quickly

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Loopers aren't a stranger to the insane amount of grind that Fortnite has been dealing out for a while now. Although the XP grind has become comparatively easy off late, it still is a task.

However, thanks to a friendly looper, we've got for you a nice little XP glitch that will allow you to earn chunks of XP in a matter of minutes. You can go on repeating the process for as long as you like.


How to use the XP glitch in Fortnite?

This is a very simple glitch that you can use. But then again, it's best if you execute this in Team Rumble.

Once in the mode, you need to head over to Corny Complex first. Once there, you need to grab yourself a truck or any vehicle that you can get your hands on.

As soon as you're in the vehicle, start driving over the cornfields till all of them vanish. If you've done this properly, you'll notice corn cobs lying on the ground.


All you need to do is walk over these cobs and forage them. For every item that you forage, you can get a good chunk of XP.

Once you're done foraging all the corn, there's a cabbage patch nearby where you can do the same. The best part of doing this in Team Rumble is that you get to respawn if you die.


And if you do die, you can land back in the area and continue foraging consumables for quick XP. You could do this in the regular game mode too, but then again you won't really respawn there.

And if you're not really interested in these tricks to earn XP, you could just stick to completing your challenges.

Although this trick may be slightly boring, it's still better than getting killed while trying to complete a challenge right? Have fun!

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