Will We Be Seeing The Xenomorph Skin In Fortnite Again?

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The Xenomorph Fortnite skin was quite a hit during Chapter 2 Season 5. Although it came towards the tail end of the season, the skin was very well designed.

The Xenomorph Fortnite skin was a part of the collaboration with the Aliens franchise. Given that the Predator was also on the island at that time, it was fun to see loopers wearing these skins and battling it out.


That being said, it's been a while since the Xenomorph Fortnite skin was seen in the item shop. Is there a chance that we may see this skin return?

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Will the Xenomorph Fortnite skin be in the item shop again?

It's very difficult to say that the skin won't be in the Fortnite item shop anymore. Epic Games has given no such indication till now. Nor have the data miners said anything along these lines.

Given that Fortnite Season 7 is all about aliens and extra terrestrials. Hence, bringing the skin back to the item shop would be a nice thing to do.

You've got aliens on the island, so how about bringing in someone who hunts aliens as well? A returning Ripley Fortnite skin would be the cherry on the cake.


This won't be the first time Epic Games will be bringing back a skin since it suits the theme. A few days back, the Zorgoton Fortnite skin was seen in the item shop again. This skin was released back in 2019.

Although it's been seen in the Fortnite item shop on multiple occasions, it made an appearance again after 254 days on June 28th. The return of this skin is proof of the fact that Epic Games can bring skins back if they go with the theme.

So we can hope that Xenomorph Fortnite skin will be back in the item shop over the course of this season.