Fortnite Season 7: Who has the most Arena points?

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Competitive players in Fortnite can earn 'hype,' which is used to determine how good they are by performing well in the arena. As long as a player continues to perform well in each league and has earned enough hype, they can eventually reach the Champions League. The Championship League is filled with the best players in Fortnite, and keeping up with them is no easy task.

A championship leaderboard is a place where players can boast about their abilities. The top players usually play 12 hours or more a day, with most of the leaderboard players willing to spend at least 8-10 hours a day playing. Over time, this changes, and July has its own new leader.

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Fortnite player scores over 100,000 points in Arena mode

Most people are familiar with Fortnite's Battle Royale mode. There are gamers from around the globe who visit the island to march their way to Victory Royale. Nevertheless, other modes have equally received praise.

One of the most coveted segments of the game is Arena Mode, in which players compete for points by showcasing their skills. The player recently reached a milestone in Fortnite Arena mode. A gamer known as LeBhron scored 100,000 points in Fortnite Arena.

Here is how the leaderboard currently looks:

  1. LeBhron - 100005
  2. bryth09- 88940
  3. PumpShottyRushTV- 87365
  4. twitch mlyufn- 81345
  5. TKGC Adonis- 78905
  6. Twitch Akaprox- 78400
  7. TTV SneepGG- 77385
  8. TNG PXMP- 77165
  9. Macarron malo- 76240
  10. hazard vz- 71715

As the competition continues to heat up, this position may soon be taken by many others.

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