Collecting Resources At Holly Hatchery

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We all know the story of Holly Hatchery. Our beautiful little Holly Hedges got taken over by the aliens and now they're doing god knows what at the location.

All the residents have vacated the area but the houses and everything are intact. And they're home to strange alien experiments. That being said, thanks to a Fortnite Week 9 legendary mission, you need to collect resources from this place.


Where to collect resources at Holly Hatchery

Collecting resources is no big deal here. All you need to do is land at this place and start swinging your pickaxe at whatever object you see in front of you.

You'll find alien trees here, these will give you wood. Other than that, you still have houses and other structures that will give you wood, brick and metal too.

And that's all that there is to the challenge. Nothing more, nothing less. Once you've ended up collecting about 100 resources, you end up completing the mission.


However, do remember that the place is a low gravity zone right now. Mobility may be an issue if you're not used to the biome. Furthermore, to move effectively while hovering in air, don't forget to use the button you use to jump.

Finally, this place isn't that safe either. You'll need to watch out for trespassers and other enemy loopers too. The best idea would be to land on top of the building at the middle of the POI and then work your way downwards while farming the resources.


And that's about it. Happy harvesting!

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