Fortnite Season 7 Survival Guide

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Surviving in Fortnite Season 7 can be a task at times. Given the dynamic nature of the matches these days, it's easy to get third partied in every lobby.

That being said, one specific Fortnite Season 7 week 9 challenge requires you to deal 100 damage while taking no damage in a match. This is particularly difficult if you aren't careful while engaging enemies.


If you have a trouble surviving, here's a basic Fortnite survival guide for beginners!

How to survive in Fortnite

#1 Building

Yes yes, I know, this is the most difficult thing in Fortnite. It's this very aspect which makes Fortnite such a unique and a challenging game.


That being said, you need to be comfortable with building in order to survive easily. Start with building boxes. Once you're comfortable with boxes, start building more elaborate structures.

Building provides an extra layer of protection while engaging in firefights.


#2 Loadouts

Loadouts are very important. You don't want to walk into a firefight without proper fire power. So whenever you're engaging with an enemy, make sure you got enough ammo.

Most importantly, make sure you've got yourself a loadout that you're comfortable with. That's the key to surviving.

And finally,


#3 Fastest Trigger in the World!

If it moves, you shoot. That's the policy you need to follow in Fortnite. Pistols and Shotguns are effective in close range, but if you've got to hit anyone at a distance, snipers and assault rifles are what you need to rely on.

Always be the first one to shoot, and maintain some distance between you and your target. Crouch and move sideways to throw your enemy's aim off.

And since you're crouched, you'll still maintain some accuracy.


Follow these three rules and you will survive. This guide won't guarantee you a victory royale, but it will definitely help you survive for good.

And if you can manage to hit someone for 100 damage without taking any damage yourself, you'll end up completing a Fortnite Week 9 challenge.

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