Visiting Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf and Unremarkable Shack In Fortnite

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A particular epic quest during week 8 in Fortnite Season 7 is planning on sending loopers on a long hike across the island. As a part of this quest we'll have to visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf and Unremarkable Shack.

I understand that these places may be fairly difficult to find if we don't know what we're looking for. So here's a quick run down of these three places.


Where to find Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf and Unremarkable Shack

We'll take the three locations one by one for easier understanding.

#1 Coral Cove

As the name suggests, Coral Cove is a part of Coral Castle itself. In order to go to Coral Cove, you'll have to travel all the way to Coral Castle, and then go towards the west from the centre of the POI.


You'll come across a small island towards the west of this place. That's Coral Cove for you. It's a pretty desolate location anyway. Feel free to explore it but then again, there's not much to explore here.

#2 Unremarkable Shack

This one is located slightly north west of Stealthy Stronghold. There's an isolated island that you'll be able to see on the map. That is the location you need to travel to.

Once you're there, you'll come across a small shack that's built into the side of an elevated piece of land. That's the unremarkable shack for you.


#3 Base Camp Golf

Base Camp Golf is a location that was sucked into the Zero Point at the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

Surprisingly, this point is back again. Base Camp Golf is located on top of one of the mountains close to Catty Corner. It's best if you reach this place straight out of the battle bus.

Here's a map to demarcate the three different locations that you need to visit.


The three points on the map mark the three different locations that you need to visit for the Fortnite week 8 challenge.
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Yellow - Coral Cove

Red - Unremarkable Shack


Blue - Base Camp Golf

And there you have it, those are the three locations that you need to visit. Now, visiting all three locations during one match is very difficult.

I'm not saying that it can't be done. It can be but you need to be really really lucky. That being said, feel free to complete this challenge in two or three matches. It'll be easier that way.

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