Where To Find Cameras At Lazy Lake And Believer Beach

There are a lot of emotes in Fortnite. In fact, many loopers head over into party royale just to flex their emoting skills in the game.

However, one particular challenge during Fortnite Season 7 week 8 requires loopers to emote in front of a camera. But where do you find these cameras?

Fortnite camera locations at Lazy Lake and Believer Beach

Since the challenge itself specifies where these cameras are, it's somewhat easier to handle. Here are the exact camera locations in Fortnite Season 7.

#1 Believer Beach

The first camera is located near the big pier with the restaurant at Believer Beach. You don't need to climb on to the pier.

Instead, you need to go down on the beach towards the right side of the pier. Once there, keep walking forward till you come across a pair of cut outs. There will be a camera right behind these cut outs.

Moreover, the camera will be protected by an umbrella so you'll be able to spot it without any difficulty.

#2 Lazy Lake

The second camera is located inside one of the houses towards the south west of this POI. There's a house that's got a jacuzzi on the terrace. The camera is located right on this terrace itself.

If you're having trouble finding these place, here's a video to help you with it.

The best part about this challenge is that you need to emote in front of only one camera to get your job done.

I'm sure you never thought that one emote could make you 30,000 XP richer right?

Have fun!

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