Where To Place Welcome Signs At Pleasant Park And Lazy Lake

Is it even a party if there are no guests? We need to put up signs so that the residents know that there is a party inbound. And yes, our guests from the other world are also invited.

You need to place 4 welcome signs around Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake in order to get done with this Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 quest.

It's slightly tricky, finding all the locations in the game. I haven't found all of them yet. So I'll just list down the ones that I know.

Placing welcome signs at Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake

Before we go on with this mission, I'd like to remind everyone that both these locations are hot drops in the game. They've got wonderful floor loot and the houses offer a good amount of cover as well.

You need to place a total of four welcome signs at these two locations. Currently I've found two spots each at Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake. Here's where these welcome signs can be placed in Fortnite.

Pleasant Park

  • The first sign location at the big football field in the middle of Pleasant Park. Head over to the edge where the stands are located. You'll see a stand with blue and red seats. If you're facing the stand, the welcome sign spot will be to the left of the stand.
  • The second spot is located right behind this stand. You'll spot a weird looking house here. The welcome sign spot is right outside the house.

Lazy Lake

  • There's this big store called Cap'n Carp at Lazy Lake in Fortnite. You'll be able to place one welcome sign right outside this store.
  • Lazy Lake also has a reboot van parked next to the store. You can place another sign beside the tree right in front of this reboot van.

These four locations should do it. In case you're having trouble finding these, the video above will help you navigate through the spots. Have fun welcoming people!

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