Where To Find Port-a-Potties in Fortnite

Porta-Potties are those blue stalls that you keep seeing behind every building in Fortnite. These structures have been around for a while.

And surprisingly, not only do these form good hiding spots, you can sometimes travel between them as well.

Where to find Porta-Potties in Fortnite?

This is a very difficult question to be very honest. They're literally strewn all over the island and it's hard to pin point on one location.

Since these are inanimate objects, their spawn is static. As in, they spawn at the same place in every game.

Epic Games loves promoting hygiene in Fortnite, so you'll usually find these Porta-Potties behind big buildings.

Furthermore, when it comes to traveling between Porta-Potties, I'm not sure if this works with all of them. There is one Porta-Potty inside the big building at Corny Complex.

Once you step into it, you'll see a tube like animation on-screen. And you'll be transported to another Porta-Potty. The video below shows how this works, and pin points the location of the Porta-Potty.

Keep in mind that his structure is located inside Corny Complex in Fortnite, that also happens to be an I.O. Base. You'll come across Dr Slone here.

If you're walking into this area, make sure you have enough firepower or you'll be obliterated. If you do have a good loadout, consider taking of Dr Slone because her Pulse Rifle packs an absolute punch.

Once you've done all of that and made your way into the Porta-Potty, you'll receive a 30,000 XP boost. Not only that, you'll also receive a notification that will inform you of a Fortnite Season 7 week 3 quest completion.

Now that you know Porta-Potties are good hiding spots, you might want to keep your eyes out for potential ambushes. Have fun!

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