Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Epic Quests: How To Destroy Equipment At Satellite Stations

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Epic Games recently released the Week 2 Epic Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Loopers can now start completing these challenges and gain a huge XP boost before the next set of quests arrive in-game.

The Legendary Quest hasn't been added to the game yet and it will go live around 10 AM EST.


One of the Epic Quests in Week 2 requires players to locate and destroy equipment at satellite stations. These stations were new inclusions in Fortnite Season 7 and they were put in place by the Imagined Order.

After the full-fledged takeover of the alien invasion, the IO deployed several such satellites across the Fortnite map. Players can notice them from the battle bus as they glow with a distinct red flare.

The satellite stations will be important to the storyline as they might replace the Spire Guardian Towers from Season 6.



Fortnite Season 7 - Destroy Equipment at Satellite Stations
Fortnite Season 7 - Destroy Equipment at Satellite Stations

There are currently seven satellite stations spread across the map in Season 7. Usually, these areas have ample amounts of loot and resources for the entire team.

The satellite stations are located in the following Landmarks:

  • Deepwards Dish (Previously Stealthy Stronghold POI)
  • Dinky Dish (between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs)
  • Dockside Dish (east of Dirty Docks)
  • Destined Dish (South of Misty Meadows)
  • Defiant Dish (between Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake)
  • Dampy Dish (south of Slurpy Swamp)
  • Discovery Dish (east of Believer Beach)

Destroy equipment at Satellite Stations

To complete this Epic Quest, players can land at any of these locations in solo, duo or squad mode. However, make sure to drop down first and loot up in case the area is contested by opponents.


After landing at any of the aforementioned landmarks, loopers can start destroying satellites, computers, dishes, and every other equipment present at the location.

Players will need to destroy 15 pieces of equipment to complete the challenge. They will be rewarded with 30,000XP for completing the Epic Quest.