Fortnite Season 7 Story Trailer Countdown: Here's When You Can Check Out The Season 7 Launch Event

Fortnite has an incredible ability to surprise us all, but there's one thing we do know - the new season, Season 7 of Chapter 2, finally kicks off tomorrow.

After much teasing, we're expecting an extraterrestrial theme - but beyond that, Season 7's contents could be anyone's guess.

As with all of the game's seasonal drops, though, we do know that there's a trailer coming. Here's when, and how to watch.

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Here's When You Can Check Out The Season 7 Launch Event

Fortnite's Season 7 launch trailer will go live in just a few hours, as was revealed by this tease:

The trailer for the new season will go live on June 8th at 7 AM BST/2 AM ET/11 PM PT, and it's likely to land in conjunction with a spot of server maintenance.

If you really can't wait, you can head over to the video below and wait for the premiere.

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Looking to get better ahead of the new season? We got you covered.

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