Fortnite Season 7 - All Chest locations At Corny Complex or Lazy Lake

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Fortnite Season 7 is now in its 2nd week and Epic Games added a new set of Quests for loopers to complete.

One of the Epic Quests in Week 2 requires players to locate and open chests at Corny Complex or Lazy Lake.


So, if you're stuck at finding chests at these locations in Fortnite, fret not, for this guide will direct you exactly towards the Chest Spawns.

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Fortnite Season 7 - Week 2 Epic Quest

Corny Complex is a brand new POI added in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. It is the on-site operations base for Dr Slone from the Imagined Order.

The POI is filled with IO Guards, and this makes it difficult to move about freely in search of chests.

Similarly, Lazy Lake is a hot-drop area where players are always camping around the corner to get an easy elimination.

However, both these locations have an ample number of chests for a single player to find in one match.


To complete the challenge, loopers need to locate and open seven chests at either location. Doing this will give them 30,000XP instantly.

Thus, to complete this Epic Quest, players need to be stealthy as a tiger while searching for chests. Well, we have come up with just the thing - this guide will help you locate seven chests easily at either POI.

Chest locations at Corny Complex

There are currently 17 chests around Corny Complex. Dropping down right at the Grey House towards the northern side of the Corny Complex is the best method to complete this Epic Quest.

There are five chests at this Grey House itself. The warehouse next to it has two chests, one on the ground floor and one on the second floor.

However, if you are looking to kill all the IO Guards along with Dr Slone, then here are all the chest locations inside the IO underground office.

  • I.O Chest in Dr Slone's room
  • Chest at top of the underground office
  • Chest inside the 2nd-floor room
  • I.O Chest at the training range underground

We recommend that players should make the smart choice here and land at the Grey House at Corny Complex.

Chest locations at Lazy Lake

Fortnite Season 7 Chest Locations at Lazy Lake - Image via
Fortnite Season 7 Chest Locations at Lazy Lake - Image via

Laze Lake is known for sweats and it is best to land on rooftops at this POI. This way players can get a gun before searching for chests.


There are currently around 31 chests at Lazy Lake. The best bet over here is to land at the building with the swimming pool, towards the southern side of Lazy Lake. This building itself has five different chests which players can search.

There is one more chest by the pool. That makes it six, and all players have to do is find another chest, which is right across the street near the car park.

The other option would be to land at the building right at the centre of Lazy Lake. This building has five chests itself. Players can also choose to drop at the building with Marigold, from there they can converse with the NPC and get crafting materials as well.