Fortnite Is All Set To Receive A New Crafting Material

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 had a lot of crafting recipes for us to toy around with. However, in Season 7 we don't have crafting per se, but we've got somewhat of a side-grade.

Although the overall crafting mechanic is appreciated, the lack of extensive crafting recipes like we had in the previous season makes the entire process very underwhelming.


That being said, Epic Games is all set to introduce a new crafting material in Fortnite. I'm assuming this item will go live once the 17.20 update is live but there isn't any official confirmation on that.

The new crafting material in Fortnite!

We've been talking about alien nanites for a while now. We're not sure what these do but from the initial information that we had, these alien nanites could create a temporary biome with lower gravity.

Howver, recent information suggests that we'll be able to craft weapons with this item.


According to data miner iFireMonkey, these alien nanites will allow us to craft alien tech weapons in Fortnite. One nanite will be enough to craft one weapon. But I'm assuming that the drop rate won't be that high otherwise everyone on the island will be running around with alien tech weapons.

Here's how the craft table will look:

  • Assault Rifles -> Pulse Rifle
  • SMG -> Kymera Ray Gun
  • Pistols -> Bad News
  • Snipers -> Rail Gun

When it comes to the Bad News though, we're assuming it's a weapon that was vaulted a long time back. It used to be a pretty powerful weapon, and personally, I'd be stoked to see it return.


The weapons we're talking about here is the Zapotron. This weapon was game breaking for a short period of time because of the amount of damage it was able to dish out. But then again, Epic Games will make some change to this weapon before unvaulting it.

It may not be that powerful either since we're crafting it from a pistol. Either way, this is one weapon I'm excited about.