Fortnite Leaks Reveal Three New NPCs Coming To Season 7

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Fortnite Season 7 features a total of 17 assorted NPCs for players to interact with and according to the latest leaks, three more NPCs will be soon introduced to the island.

These NPCs include:

  • Summer Brutus
  • Summer Alien
  • Kymera

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Upcoming NPCs spawn locations

According to the leaks released by Hypex, all of these three new NPCs are likely to be introduced in Fortnite Season 7 itself. Additionally, the data miner has also suggested possible spawn locations for each of these NPCs once they are introduced in the game.

These locations are:

  • Summer Brutus - Will spawn near Believer Beach
  • Summer Alien - Will spawn at Steamy Stacks
  • Kymera - Will spawn at Coral Castle or probably the destroyed version of Coral Castle

Having said that, Epic Games hasn't shed any light on the details of these NPCs' release in Fortnite Season 7. However, judging by the usual route that the developers have followed when it comes to the release of new NPCs, it is safe to say that all three of these new characters could be seen on the island very soon.

Additionally, Hypex has also revealed a voice line of Summer Brutus when a player wearing the normal Brutus skin tries to interact with the NPC. Summer Brutus responds with,

"No Doppelgangers. I'm on vacation."

Nevertheless, until and unless these NPCs are eventually released in the game, it is extremely difficult for us to speculate on a probable release date, However, given that update 17.10 is scheduled to release next week, the developers could choose to release these new NPCs at the same time.

Considering the Alien Invasion theme of Fortnite Season 7, it is safe to say that fans are set to witness a bunch of extra-terrestrial-themed content in the current season.

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