Leaks Hint At The Arrival Of Weapon Mods In Fortnite Season 7

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Fortnite Season 7 may have shaken up the crafting meta a bit. However, the crafting mechanic could be the predecessor to something big that's about to come in the game.

Popular Fortnite data miner has been talking about weapon mods for a while now. In a few tweets, he went on to confirm that these weapon mods were indeed on their way.


We could probably see weapon mods in Fortnite soon

According to Hypex, these weapon mods will appear as random floor loot. Loopers will be able to equip these mods on the fly. This is a mechanic that we've seen in other battle royale games, and it would change the entire weapon dynamic in Fortnite itself.


That being said, there's no specific date for these mods to go live. Hypex believes that Epic Games plans on releasing these mods during a special season in Fortnite.

Now, Fortnite hasn't seen a special season of sorts. So I'm not really sure what Hypex is referring to over here.

Given from what what the leaks suggest, these weapon mods would be very simple to use. And honestly, Fortnite doesn't really need another complicated mechanic in the game. The building mechanics are scary enough.

Overall, these weapon mods were being talked for a while now. And now that there's more information surrounding these items, the community has gone into a frenzy.

Most of the community is excited about these new weapon mods. However, I personally wouldn't be too surprised to see someone complaining about it in the first place.


That being said, I'm really eager to see when these weapon mods come out and what they can actually do. I'm really excited about this feature, are you?

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