KSI Comes To Fortnite But In A Special Way

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If you've been an ardent follower of KSI for a while now, you'll be excited to know about his recent collaboration with Fortnite. He's been promoting his album AOTP for a while now. This album is all set to go live on July 16th but you can get a small sneak peak into it in Fortnite.

Epic Games has collaborated with the rapper and one of his songs from the upcoming album has been included in the game. You'll be able to listen to this song on the radio everytime you step into a vehicle.


The KSI collaboration in Fortnite

KSI himself tweeted out about this collaboration. And his fans were obviously stoked about the entire deal. That being said, here's the song that has been included in the game.


Overall, this could prove to be a huge boost for KSI in terms of the album sales. That being said, this collaboration has raised a lot of questions about a few other collaborations.

During the infamous Apple vs Epic Games trial, a document was leaked. This document contained a lot of information about potential collaborations in Fortnite. While most of these collaborations were delayed some were scrapped as well.

Since this is more of a music collaborations, fans have been talking about the collaboration with Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. Both these collaborations were spotted in the document and were potential live-event material.


However, there is absolute radio silence with respect to these two collaborations to begin with. These events were scheduled to happen back in 2020 but were held back for unknown reasons. Given that we've seen some of the collaborations that were listed out for last year, happen during this year, I personally feel that we'll see these collaborations this year.

However, that's just a speculation. Those collaborations may have been shelved for good. But hey, you could still enjoy KSI's song in Fortnite!