Fortnite Season 7: How To Get More Refund Tickets

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Fortnite has a high demand for refund tickets. Players who bought items from the item shop but didn't like them for any reason we're able to refund them using these tickets. Each item that needed to be returned would require a ticket.

There were very few seasons in which players received more of these tickets. Since the game began, players have only received refills once or twice. Therefore, it is extremely valuable to get more of these tickets.

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How to get more refund tickets in Fortnite Season 7

In Fortnite, Refund Tickets are not available in the Item Shop or Redeem Codes, nor are they given away for free. In Fortnite, obtaining a refund ticket is a challenging process. Getting them is only possible if Epic itself rewards them or events where players can collect them.

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According to recent reports, Fortnite Season 7 players can get their hands on Refund Tickets via a method. Please keep in mind that GFinity in no way supports this as a less than ethical practice. This is for players who have lost their tickets through no fault of their own. Players can collect refund tickets in Fortnite Season 7 in almost a dozen easy to follow steps:

  • First, players should have exhausted their Lifetime Refund Requests through no fault of their own. (Not on purpose, as that is misleading and exploiting the game.)
  • Then they must pause the game and select "Reporting/Feedback" from the menu.
  • The gamers will be required to click on "Report a Bug" once they are in the Report/Feedback menu. Upon opening the menu, players must choose "Shop, Locker, and Lobby".
  • Inside the Shop, Locker, and Lobby menu, there's an option that says, "Rewards I earned aren't appearing". Loopers should pick this option and then "Accept" to continue.
  • Afterward, Loopers must pause the game and go to the "Reporting/Feedback" screen.
  • They will then have to click on the "Report a Bug" option. Players need to go to the "Others" option at the bottom of the list.
  • Once they click on "Others," they will have to accept and complete the process. The developers will need players to send a message to request refund tickets once the bug has been reported.
  • However, going into the locker will not be enough for players as they will need to use the chat option. Type: HTTP_Refund_Ticket_Free_OWN/88900110255777/OWN in the chatbox
  • The developer will contact the user in due course about the Refund Tickets issue raised by the user.

For a more detailed way, here's a video of how it's done:

Fortnite loopers will receive their Refund Tickets within a week of reporting the issue. GFinity does not support this practice in a malicious manner. Players should only use this option if they have wasted their refund tickets by accident or they are legitimately gone due to no fault of their own.

No one who reads these articles would ever use this in a less-than-honest way, though, right?