Fortnite Season 7 Has A Campfire Glitch That Has Been Giving Some Players 75,000 XP

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Fortnite Season 7 currently or at least used to have a glitch that has greatly benefited players. The usual advice is to never exploit Fortnite due to dire consequences, including bans. However, there may already be a fix for this glitch; we're unsure as it still sporadically works, according to some. It's up to the player to try out if it hasn't.

The difficulty of weekly quests has been steadily increasing over the past few seasons. There is a generous amount of XP to be gained after each completion of the weekly Epic and Legendary quests. Herein lies the glitch.


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A glitch in Fortnite gives XP

It is possible to gain up to 75,000 XP by using this Fortnite glitch. YouTuber GKI has shared another video of him breaking down another seemingly harmless Fortnite glitch. As with many similar glitches, this one provides a large amount of XP to the player and is easy to do.


For now, players must log in to an Arsenal LTM match first before taking advantage of this glitch. After that, they will need to light a campfire repeatedly. With each attempt, the player gains a certain amount of XP.

However, it isn't infinite, as GKI explains further. Through this glitch, Fortnite players can only obtain a maximum of 75,000 XP. If players wish to do this, they must know that this violates the terms of service for Fortnite and they risk a permanent ban.

But they should NOT do this at all. This is just us reporting some news.

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