The Cosmic Summer Celebration In Fortnite

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We haven't seen a new event in Fortnite for a while now. But that's about to change in a few days. Starting on June 22nd, the Cosmic Summer Celebration begins in Fortnite.

Does this mean that we'll be seeing some sort of a mini live event in the game? I'm not sure. But here is what we know about the event.


Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration

According to the tweet sent out by Fortnite, the Cosmic Summer Celebration is scheduled to begin on June 22nd at 9 AM ET. I'm assuming that this event will go live right after the Fortnite 17.10 update.


The event is supposed to be held at Believer Beach itself. That goes on to explain the stage and the lights and all those flashy things that we've been seeing at the POI for a while now.

There will be new challenges and rewards tied to the celebration. We'll have more information about these challenges once we've received the Fortnite 17.10 update.


That being said, there are two new NPCs that, I think, are associated with this event. The Summer Brutus NPC and the Summer Alien NPC are the two NPCs that are scheduled to arrive in Fortnite.

Summer Brutus will spawn at Believer Beach itself, so I'm assuming it'll be tied to the event directly. The Summer Alien NPC could also be associated to the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration, but it'll spawn at Steamy Stacks.


Finally, data miners have revealed that we'll probably see Coral Castle go up in smoke sometime soon. The destruction of Coral Castle may happen once the event is over.

As per information on the Fortnite twitter page, this event is supposed to last for a duration of two weeks. And that is in perfect time for the Fortnite 17.20 update. If there is a map change that is on the cards, it's not happening before the Fortnite 17.20 update itself.