Fortnite Season 7: Destroy Alien Trees (Week 6 Epic challenges)

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Every week, Fortnite challenges players to complete epic challenges. Many of these are easy and obvious to resolve, while others are not. It's a good thing here at GFinity, and we always have all the information needed to complete them.

'Destroy Alien Trees' is a quest given by Hayseed, so this guide explains how to handle it. For some time, he distrusts the aliens, and now he is ready to take action. You can find out how to do it the most straightforward way here, and we even have a video!

Screenshot of the quest from Hayseed.
Hayseed's got this.

How to destroy alien trees in Fortnite Season 7

Strange purple patches began appearing on the island after Fortnite destroyed the Spire at Fortnite Season 7. In the beginning, players thought that these purple patches would expand and cover the whole island, but they were just for decorating purposes, as it turned out. However, Hayseed is at his wit's end with the alien invaders after Farmer Steel's abduction, and he won't take any chances with them.

Hayseed is looking for loopers willing to destroy alien trees because of his distrust and hatred of the aliens. A reward of 30,000 experience points will be awarded to players who complete the quest.


Players must destroy five of the trees found on the island to complete this challenge. While Holly Hatchery would be the best place to accomplish this Fortnite challenge, its popularity may make it unwise to land here and destroy alien trees.

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This challenge will be a hot drop zone, but other players will be attempting it, which will further complicate the matter.

There are, however, other methods to accomplish this challenge, according to many content creators. A few alien trees are ripe for harvesting at a few other POIs on the island other than Holly Hatchery so that players can land there instead of Holly Hatchery. Here is the exact location of these spots:

  • West of Boney Burbs (near Flopper Pond)
  • East (Grumpy Gravel) and South (Red Steel Bridge) of Pleasant Park
  • North (Scenic Spot) and South (Gas N' Grub) of Corny Complex
  • East of Steel Farm
  • Zero Point aka The Aftermath
Image from a popular site Fortnite.GG
Image via Fortnite.GG

Due to their offbeat nature and lack of popularity, these locations will make the quest much easier for players. Despite seeing quite a bit of activity during rounds, the Aftermath is a less popular location for finding alien trees.

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