Fortnite Season 7: Damage An Alien-Driven Saucer Guide (Week 6 Legendary challenge)

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Fortnite's Legendary challenges are tough, but not when you have a guide like this one! Our team has gathered all of the requisite information to complete the "Damage An Alien-Driven Saucer" challenge.

Players can gain good experience points by destroying alien invaders, thanks to Dr. Slone. As in Independence Day, players must destroy some spaceships. In exchange for damaging alien-driven saucers, the doctor offers players 30,000 experience points.


Where to damage an alien-driven Saucer in Fortnite season 7

Fortnite players must damage an alien-driven saucer to complete this challenge. Given the number of steps involved, it's easier said than done. It is not impossible to remove a saucer from service, however.


Players should look for POIs on the mini-map marked purple at the beginning of the round to find alien-driven saucers. Up to three saucers are located at each Purple Point Of Interest. Three purple locations should be available in every game.

Any weapon in the game can damage the alien-driven saucer. The easiest way to make sure shots land on target will be to use long-range weapons such as assault rifles, pulse rifles, snipers, and railguns. However, the alien-driven saucer is ready to fire back as soon as the player fires the first shot; it will only cease attacking if the player escapes its line of sight or hides.

The video above provides additional information for readers.


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