Abductors Can Now Grant You Special Powers In Fortnite

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The abductors have been around for quite some time now in Fortnite Season 7. They were briefly disabled for a short period of time, before they were enabled again.

That being said, these abductors have these little power-ups in the form of portals on top of them. Here's everything that we know about these power-ups and these abductors.


Everything we know about the abductor power-ups in Fortnite Season 7

First things first, there will be a total of four power-ups that we'll find on top of the abductors. The first one has gone live now. The rest will soon follow suit.

Secondly, in order to activate these power-ups, you'll have to walk through the portal itself. The first power-up grants you low gravity for a short period of time.

You'll be able to jump higher for as long as this power-up is active. I'm not exactly sure about the duration, but it shouldn't be more than a minute or two.


That being said, the upcoming portals will give you the powers to open a rift, turn into a prop disguise and use an ice slide. I'm not sure if they'll happen in that order itself but those are the powers nevertheless.

That being said, it'll be interesting to see how loopers plan on using these powers in game. Not only that, once all these powers are active, I'm sure we'll see very creative methods of winning games using these powers.


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