Fortnite Season 7: 5 Best Landing Zones (Before The Aliens Blow Them Up)

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There is a lot to keep up with Fortnite Season 7's drastic changes to the map and the introduction of new features. The best places are often a subject of debate among players. In Fortnite Season 7, we've put together five incredibly awesome landing spots.

Please keep in mind that these are all subject to change. Recently, many rumors have circulated about places being destroyed. I do not want anyone to think that there's something wrong with me because it's been destroyed. Any misdeeds should be attributed to the aliens.


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Table of Contents

Slurpy Swamp - Get that shield up!

Despite being a part of Chapter 2 for so long, Slurpy Swamp is still well worth a look. You can max out your shield quickly here, as the water surrounding this POI is infused with Slurp Juice. You'll be able to face the battle in good shape if you fill up your shield, gather some weapons, and prepare for the fight ahead.

Dinky Dish - Get those IO weapons!

While the Season 7 map hosts many IO bases, Dinky Dish stands out as one of the finest. There are many chests here, including three supply chests where you can get your hands on powerful IO weapons. It is east of Craggy Cliffs. Maven is also here, selling Exotic weapons. As soon as you've stocked up, get out, or shoot anyone too slow to grab anything.


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Believer Beach - Get those chests!

Sweaty Sands was the previous name of Believer Beach. Among all POIs on The Island, this POI has the most chest spawns, so you should consider landing here already. For the best loot, head to the tallest building to the east of this POI. Just be sure you don't stay too long since the beach can get pretty crowded. You can take a car or ride the waves out.

Misty Meadows - Long-time favorite!

Misty Meadows is another place that was carried over from Season 6 to Season 7. Despite not being the most obvious landing spot, there are a number of houses to loot, as well as nearby lakes where you can stock up on armor and weapons. It's not as overwhelming as landing at the center of the map, for example, but there will be lots of action if you're on the Battle Bus' flight path. For Fortnite beginners and intermediate players alike, this is the best option.


The Mothership - Like I need any explanation

You can get it by starting a match, checking for Abductors on the map, and landing beneath them. It won't take long for you to be abducted.

Some players may argue that the arrival of the Mothership has changed everything about Fortnite, and it has left all the other traditional 'best' landing spots in the dust. Getting good results in the game's mini-game will not only reward you with incredible loot but in most cases, your opponents will be defeated by the time you're on ground zero. In this way, landing near an Abductor is one of the most advantageous places to start a game.

That's what we have for now, but you never know when a major map change may come and change this list.


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