Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 Quests: Week 7 Challenges Guide, Rewards And How To Complete Weekly Challenges FAST

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A new week brings new challenges to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6: Primal.

Week 7 seems to focus on the core principles of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6: damage, eliminations, hunting, and foraging.

Here are the Week 7 challenges for Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite.

Table of Contents

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Release Date

The challenges will go live at 3 p.m. BST on April 29, 2021.

Weekly challenges arrive every Thursday at this time.

Season 6 Week 7 Challenges

This week's challenges have now been revealed and can be viewed below:

Legendary Quests

  • Damage Opponents (0/2500) - 35000XP
  • Damage Opponents (0/5000) - 24500XP
  • Damage Opponents (0/7500) - 24500XP
  • Damage Opponents (0/10000) - 24500XP
  • Damage Opponents (0/12500) - 24500XP

Week 7 Epic Quests

  • Makeshift weapon elimination (0/1) - 24000XP
  • Primal weapon elimination (0/1) - 24000XP
  • Mechanical weapon elimination (0/1) - 24000XP
  • Mark weapons of different rarity (0/7) - 24000XP
  • Collect meat or peppers (0/5) - 24000XP
  • Consume Foraged items (0/3) - 24000XP
  • Hunt Raptors (0/2) - 24000XP

Week 7 Challenge Guide

This week's challenges are pretty straightforward.

Makeshift, Primal, and Mechanical Weapon Eliminations

These three quests require a Fortnite player to eliminate an opponent with a Makeshift, Primal, and Mechanical weapon earned them 24,000XP for each quest completed.

Mark weapons of different rarity

This is a fairly strange quest, requiring players to mark weapons of different rarity. With seven different rarities in the game, players must mark one of each type.

Marking items in Fortnite is easy. Players need to point at the item they wish to mark and:

  • PC: Click the middle mouse button
  • Console: Hit the left D-Pad
  • Mobile: Touch the Map Marker on the HUD

Collect meat or peppers

Meat is obtained from hunting wolves, chickens, boars, or raptors.

An easier way to complete this quest is to head to the farmers market at The Orchard, where there are usually plenty of peppers lying around or in Produce Boxes.

Consume foraged items

Again, another quest easily completed at The Orchard, though Steel Farm or Weeping Woods, also contains plenty of foraged items.


Peppers are always consumable, but fruits and other veggies require a player to be missing some health to eat.

Most mushrooms replenish shields, so if a player is low on shields, they can rely on mushrooms to complete this quest.

Hunt Raptors

This is one of the trickier quests for Week 7, as there are only a limited amount of Raptors on the map for each match.

Here's a map with all the Raptor locations and how many are in each:

Fornite raptor locations
RAPTORS: Clever girl

Weekly Challenge Guides

Need help with past week's challenges? Check out our guides here: