Fortnite: Season 4’s Most OP Weapon and Where to Find It

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There’s a new LMG in Fortnite, and you’re going to want to give it a spin — if you can find one.

SypherPK uploaded a new Fortnite video about the weapon on Thursday, and it’s already gotten 1.15 million views as of this writing.


Best Gun in Fortnite?

As reported by Fortnite Intel, this thing is one of the best weapons in Fortnite, but also incredibly hard to find.

As regular players of the game know, Fortnite’s latest seasonal update brought a wave of changes to the game, including a round of nerfs that drastically changed the meta.


The new purple-rarity LMG has a damage-per-second rating of 208.

“I think it’s incredible,” SypherPK says of season four’s hard-to-find weapon.

How to Find the Purple LMG

“If you’re dead set [on] grabbing one of the rarest and most powerful spray weapons in Fortnite,” Fortnite Intel writes, “you’ll need to make your way to Doom’s Domain and eliminate the patrolling Henchmen under the soccer pitch. One or two of these Henchmen are guaranteed to have an LMG for you.”


Doctor Doom’s Gauntlets

Doctor Doom’s caused all kinds of chaos in this new season. As pointed out by Fortnite Intel on Wednesday, his gauntlets are also pretty busted.

Turns out their cooldown is tied to each individual player, rather than the pick-up itself.

Naturally, the pros are using the ability, dropping it for the partner to exploit, and swapping it back and forth for an “infinite” combo effect. Doom indeed.


Silver Surfer’s board, meanwhile, is probably the best evasive move you can make in Fortnite. Merely having it means you can weasel your way out of almost any situation.

Never a dull moment on that little island.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.