Fortnite Season 11: Leaked Game Files Indicate A BRAND NEW Map?

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Data miners are always on the ball as soon as a major update releases and it was found that Fortnite Season 11 could have a new map after digging through lines and lines of code they usually find everything little detail from cosmetics to new game modes. This time around they managed to leak perhaps the biggest change we could ever see in Fortnite’s history.

Fortnite‘s map has become iconic within the battle royale industry, in its two-year legacy it has seen some immense changes. From the addition of The Block, the snow biome during season seven and the updated jungle biome during season eight, Fortnite has always managed to change something within the map, whether fans like it or not.

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Multiple Leaked POI’s?

Famous Fortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter managed to dig up 12 brand new point of interests found within the V10.30 game files. This immediately got Fortnite fans speculating like they never have before, albeit this was one of the biggest leaks in Fortnite’s history but there are some theories that stick out amongst the rest.

Some of the leaked names seem like they may become one of the new rift zones for the rest of Season 10. Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods and Sunny Shores all have indications that they could be some sort of collaboration between some current locations. Lazy Lake may be some sort of mash-up between Lazy Lagoon and the former POI Lazy Links while Weeping Woods could a different version of the beloved Wailing Woods.

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With the ample amount of new names in the game files, many Fortnite fans have started to speculate that there might be a new map coming to Fortnite for Season 11. It is not uncommon for battle royales to have multiple maps, looking at PUBG which was once the king of battle royales they now have four different maps each with their own unique biome.

Season 10 has historically been Fortnite’s worst season yet, from low viewing numbers on Twitch to the massive outrage on social media regarding certain choices it seems this season has been all negative. With Gears of War 5 recently passing Fortnite as the most played game on Xbox, maybe Epic Games is rolling out a complete overhaul.

Theories Behind a Map Change

Some of the fan-created theories that stand out the most are some that revolve around the Loot Lake floating orb which has been at the focal point of the map since the beginning of Season 10. Many Fortnite fans think that the orb will eventually explode and either wipe the map away and we get the original map back which we had during the earlier seasons or, we will get transported to an alternate universe with the above names as the new POI’s.

Whether or not we actually get a new map or just brand new POI’s on the Fortnite map is still widely up for discussion but for now fans will continue to speculate into the possibility.


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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91