Where To Find Rift Tour Posters In Fortnite

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The Rift Tour will be the first major event that we've had in Fortnite in a while now. There's a high chance that this event won't be related to the Fortnite storyline at all, but then again, the aftermath of the event may have something to do with it.

This event commences from August 6th and will go on till August 8th. You'll be able to find more information about the Rift Tour from the Fortnite Rift Tour tab on your home screen.


That being said, what are these posters that everyone is talking about?

Fortnite Rift Tour poster locations

First things first, these Fortnite Rift Tour posters are promotional posters that can be found all over Fortnite island.

That being said, there's a particular Rift Tour challenge that requires you to interact with these posters. Completing the challenge will probably reward you with some XP.


However, there's a small catch when it comes to the poster. Only one person can interact with the posters during a game. So it's more like a "fastest finger first" kind of a scenario.

Since we've got most of that covered, let's move on to the location of these Fortnite Rift Tour posters.

When it comes to the location, these posters are quite literally spread out all over the map. Every single named location in Fortnite has these posters. In fact places like Misty Meadows and Retail Row have a high number of these posters.


It's not too difficult to find these posters in Fortnite. They're simple posters that are stuck to walls. In case you're still not able to spot these posters, the video above will help you locate them.

Once you've ended up interacting with a poster, you'll see a small animation. And that's it. That's all you need to worry about when it comes to Fortnite Rift Tour poster locations.

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