Fortnite Razer Crest Location: Where Is The Razer Crest Ship In Chapter 2 Season 5 Map?

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Chapter 2 Season 5 has now released for players all over the world.

The next foray into Epic's wacky world of Fortnite has been received decently thus far.


One aspect that has not changed is the ample amount of challenges we can complete all over the map.

Some of these challenges are for unlocking new variants of skins.

This is the case with the Mandalorian skin, which is one of the first skins in the battle pass.

You will be able to complete challenges over the course of the season which unlock new armor pieces, and colors for the skin.


One of these challenges will require you to find a chest within the Mandalorian's downed ship.

Here's where to find it! 


Center Map

The downed ship can be spotted within the center of the Fortnite map.


This is where a lot of the new locations and landmarks have been placed.

As a triangle has been formed with the new locations; which include Salty Towers, Hunter's Haven, and more.

If you are wondering where the ship is located, it will be quite easy to spot.

Towards the right side of the new sand biome within the center of the map, the ship will be located just past the new coliseum POI.


Photo via Wooco - Lösungen, Trailer und Tipps