Fortnite Players Try To Save Coral Castle

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As we wrote before, Coral Castle is most likely going to be destroyed in Fortnite Season 7. While we don't have definitive proof from the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, we do have information from prominent leakers. It's enough that we're confident that the destruction should happen before next week.

We have given our theory on why but we never expected how many fans would try and defend the location themselves. Many players are trying their best to keep the aliens from taking down Coral Castle on Reddit and online. It's adorable but, ultimately, fruitless.

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How to save Coral Castle in Fortnite

Fortnite's Coral Castle is on the verge of destruction, a map feature that will be destroyed in Season 7. Fortnite leakers have said this will happen, so it isn't 100 percent confirmed, but these leakers have an excellent track record with this game, so there is no reason to doubt them just yet. According to current theories, the Mothership looming over the island is set to lay waste to the island, but things are moving quite slowly right now.

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There has so far been one significant map change: Holly Hedges is now Holly Hatchery. Anti-gravity zones are now located in this area, and the zones could expand elsewhere in the future. As of right now, Coral Castle seems safe, but several players are doubtful.

Wow, something that a pickaxe can take apart, no way any alien weapons are destroying that.

Although Reddit user PanDPandJa is doing his best to save this area, Fortnite might not be as interested in keeping it as it is. Even so, they built a massive platform over the location to protect it from a Mothership blast.

"We did it patrick, we saved the Coral Castle!"

Another option is to demolish Coral Castle before the aliens arrive, as Reddit user epicgaming038 has demonstrated. It will all be for nothing if Epic Games decides to destroy the location simply.

As soon as July 20, we may face a massive crater if Epic Games decides to destroy the location. If Fortnite wants to drag things out longer, then anyone's guess as to when it will happen. We didn't even have a live event to end last season, so that's something that is overdue.