Fortnite Player Has Idea To Revolutionize Building

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One doesn't have to think hard to realize that building things in Fortnite is hampered by UI flaws. What is it with buildings always looking the same no matter who is building them? It's just asking for trouble in terms of confusion.

When playing Solos or doing your own thing, Fortnite has a great building system. When you build next to another player, it is hard to distinguish who is currently editing or modifying a building. It's not a big deal for Fortnite to address this problem, but some players have found a simple solution.


Fortnite Players want a fix to Building UI

Fortnite allows players to build cover anywhere and anytime they like, unlike other battle royale games. A player-made construction can not only provide a solid defense against enemy players, but it can also give you an advantage on the battlefield. It's particularly true if you are trying to combat any enemy squads.

Learning to be an efficient builder is an integral part of the game, whether you're trying to get a high ground advantage in the final ring or simply deploying enough cover to fix your shields. However, distinguishing between friendly and enemy structures can be difficult during close-quarters firefights. Actually, it's almost impossible if things get complicated enough.

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Visual clarity is essential in any battle royale game, and Fortnite's vibrant art style makes seeing enemies easy, but there are times when things can get murky. In particular, this holds true for the fortifications of both allies and enemies.

One smart Fortnite player has found a way to make buildings in the game look clearer. Reddit user u/SirDuckDee made a post about this issue and how to fix it quickly. To quote the user:

"Quality of Life change to improve visual clarity in fights! Flash a coloured tint to show which player has placed the building piece. This would replace the white 'flash' of a build being placed, making build ownership more apparent."

A simple change like this could prevent many frustrating deaths in the future. We've all experienced the frustration of trying to edit a wall only to discover that it was a fortification constructed by our enemies. This simple change would solve not only the age-old issue but would also improve the visibility of close-quarters firefights.


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Fortnite won't implement a solution like this until many players raise these issues. So if anyone is curious, this genius idea isn't coming anytime soon.