Fortnite Update 2.0.1573 Patch Notes For Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is off to a flying start and we're already getting set for update 2.0.1573.

This is the first update since the new season began.

Here's what we know about the new patch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Release Date

The new patch will release on the 30th of March!

Downtime will begin at approx. 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC).

Patch Notes

Here's what's new in this update:

  • Raptors
  • Crafting/Loot Adjustments
  • Creative Powerups now support Team, Class, and All combinations
  • New STW Ventures on April 3rd @ 8 PM Eastern Time
  • Primal Shotgun Fire Rate Nerfed
  • Makeshift Shotgun Changes
  • Crafting Material scales with rarity
  • Bones & Mechanical Parts found in floor loot
  • Zero Crisis LTM REMOVED
  • Moving Storm Changes in non-competitive modes for the final two zones.

All of which has been confirmed by @FortniteStatus.

While we don't have official patch notes, as Epic rarely does release them, we are able to get an idea of what's being updated next thanks to the Fortnite Community Trello Board:

  • General Top Issues
    • Cannot Create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite
  • Battle Royale Top Issues
    • Duplicate XP notifications with Legendary Quests in a party.
    • Anomaly may not appear on Shark Island
    • Visibility is extremely decreased when inside the Storm
    • Opening the inventory will cancel Tap to Search/Interact/Revive actions
    • Split Screen "Ready Up!" issue
  • Creative Mode Top Issues
    • Slow motion effect
  • A.I. can get stuck in obstacles
  • Player portal appears as "Creative Don't Fill.

Spring Breakout Event

Fortnite’s first-ever spring event, Spring Breakout, brings eggcellent new Outfits, a Duos competition, papercraft, and an in-game reward to Fortnite.

Fortnite's Easter event for 2021 will land on March 30th, 2021!

We saw new variants of previous Easter skins come into the game last year.

So, players can expect some new skins or new styles for previous existing skins!

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Leaks, Rumors, and More

Updates And Strings

  • New feat icons for Master Chief, Kratos and Dinosaurs
  • The Unstable bow is an exotic weapon
  • The "Zany" and "Poki" emotes were updated meaning they will come to the shop soon
  • New encrypted set codename: "HopeBetray"
  • A 13th mystery reward was added and it appears to be a Toy
  • Agent Jonesy will have new voice lines during the challenges that got added in this update!
  • New Spire Quests Added
  • New killfeeds added 
  • New Option: Show Season Level in Feed
    • ON: Shows your Season level to players that are not in your squad.
    • OFF: Your Season level will be hidden for players that are not squad members.
  • New Creative Devices
    • Save Point - set a player's spawn point when activated and can also be used to clear player inventories
    • Heal power up - object that can add or remove player's health and shield
  • STW Venture Modifiers
    • Super ranged monsters
    • Super tough monsters
    • Super treasure
    • Super melee monsters

New Map

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New Variants And Level Rewards

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New Cosmetics

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Easter Egg

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New NPCs

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expand image

Junk Gun

"Hold <keybind>Target</> to vacuum environmental elements and refill your ammo!"

"Harvest objects for ammo, then spit out densely packed projectiles of junk. Watch out for the shrapnel!"

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New Outfits


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New Bundles

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New Backblings

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New Loading Screens

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All New Icons

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