Fortnite On Switch Is Getting A Performance Boost

Fortnite's Season 6 could be about to get much prettier on the Nintendo Switch.

As per Epic Games, a new update "to enhance our player experience for the Nintendo Switch" rolled out today.

"Specifically, we’re upgrading the renderer on the Nintendo Switch to make better use of the console’s GPU."

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Fortnite On Switch Is Getting A Performance Boost

The update will apparently improve the game's framerate, and will still use a dynamic resolution to keep things consistent.

The handheld version's resolution has been bumped up from 1000x560 to 1170x660, while the docked game has gone from 1390x780 to 1560x880.

It's not going to worry PC or next-gen players, but it's a nice boost to the Switch version's specs, and Epic says it should lead to less in-game blur.

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